2017 Tailgaters for the Hungry & Homeless : Whats Happening at TWC
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2017 Tailgaters for the Hungry & Homeless

by TWC Admin on 05/05/18

     On November 12th, SKA and Together We Can Foundation, a nonprofit organization, partnered with Tailgaters for the Hungry & Homeless to bring necessities to the less fortunate for the fall season. SKA collected items ranging from foods to toiletries through donations given by students, parents, and staff. SKA is very proud of our community for coming together for such a great cause! Furthermore, SKA had a great turnout on November 12th, with so many volunteers coming out to support this endeavor. SKA is always happy when we are given the opportunity to make our community a better place and we are glad we could have a positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate. With that being said, SKA would like to thank those who donated and or volunteered for such a great response this year!

For more photos please see link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nloDOD43lpcFgBbt1

Most Valued Volunteers (M.V.V):
Tiffany Zhang
Nhi Lam
Mandi Zhu
Liang Yue
Tracy Ching
Julia Wei
Ameena Wang
Jason Tan
Leng Chang
San Teh
Priscilla Lin & Family
Annie, Jason Peng & Family
Vivia Lung & Michelle Lung
Stephanie Tseng & Family
Kate Ding & Family
Lauren Lin & Family
Ryan Li & Family
Emerson Shi & Family
Brandon & Brian Koh
Joycelyn Lieu & Family
Kelly Baker & Family
Collin Zhu & Family
Willie Chi & Family
Isabella Ching & Family
Shannie Chang & Family
Vincent Zheng & Family

On site Photographers:
Vanessa Ching
Michelle Lung
San Teh

Donation Hall of Fame:
Grace Manning
Lauren Lin
Angie Jiang
Tiffany Zhang
Nhi Lam
Annie & Jason Peng
Mandi Zhu
Vivian Zhou
Shannie & Shane Chang
Saiya Lin
Willie Chi
Vincent Zheng
Kate Ding
Rachel Heng
Fiona Qi
Stephanie Tseng
Colleen Cao
Ryan Li
Ava & Olivia Wang
Saiya Lin
Yuri Park
Cianna & Kadence Wang
Ivan & Emerson Shi
Kristina Yu & Anna Shih
Kelly Baker
Julia Wei
Allen & Grace Chiu
Minerva & Rubi Ghani
Vanessa, Isabella Ching & Kevin Lin
Collin Zhu
Sharon Chen
Erica Lee
Brandon & Brian Koh
Anna Zhu
Sharon Chen
Leng Chang & San Teh 

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