2017 Presidential Volunteer Service Award Winners! : Whats Happening at TWC
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2017 Presidential Volunteer Service Award Winners!

by TWC Admin on 05/06/18

The Together We Can Foundation is a certifying organization for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Each year, volunteers must volunteer a certain number of hours in order to receive a medallion, certificate, and a letter from the President of the United States. The Together We Can Foundation is proud to announce that we had multiple volunteers receive a Presidential Volunteer Service Award. They are Leng Chang (gold medal), San Teh (gold medal), Priscilla Lin (gold medal), Angie Jiang (gold medal), Joycelyn Lieu (gold medal), Vanessa Ching (gold medal), Kevin Lin (gold medal), Vincent Zheng (gold medal), Saiya Lin (gold medal), Ava Wang (gold medal), Olivia Wang (gold medal), Mandi Zhu (gold medal), Isabella Ching (gold medal), Anna Zhu (gold medal), Brandon Koh (gold medal), Brian Koh (gold medal), Collin Zhu (silver medal), Kate Ding (bronze medal), Nhi Lam (bronze medal), Tiffany Zhang (bronze medal), Willie Chi (bronze medal) Cianna Wang (bronze medal) and Ameena Wang (bronze medal).

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