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Whats Happening at TWC

Spring Break Volunteering - Adopt-A-Road!

by TWC Admin on 05/05/18

Every few months, SKA participates in the Adopt-A-Road initiative to keep Gwinnett clean and beautiful. On April 6th, SKA completed another round of Adopt-A-Road in the morning. Volunteers at this event were San Teh, Leng Chang, Brandon Koh, Brian Koh, Rubi Ghani and her mom, Mandi Zhu, Joycelyn Lieu, Kevin Lin, Vanessa Ching, and Isabella Ching. Thank you to all of our volunteers who are taking the first step to cleaning our environment! 

Spring Break Volunteering at Tzu Chi Foundation

by TWC Admin on 05/05/18

Spring Break for many students across Georgia means a fun vacation. For several volunteers from the Together We Can Foundation, it’s a time to come together and help others. On Tuesday, April 4th, 2018, Brandon Koh, Vanessa Ching, Kevin Lin, Brian Koh, Priscilla Lin, Joycelyn Lieu, Vivia Lung, Isabella Ching, San Teh and Leng Chang volunteered at Atlanta Tzu Chi. Everyone gathered at the Tzu Chi center that morning, enthusiastic and ready to work. SKA volunteers and Tzu Chi volunteers were divided into groups and were assigned to specific organizing and cleaning tasks on different parts of the premises. Volunteers young and old worked hand in hand in completing each task while learning about each other and sharing experiences during the process. After that, everyone enjoyed a delightful vegetarian lunch prepared by Tzu Chi volunteers.

2016 Tailgaters For the Hungry & Homeless

by TWC Admin on 01/29/17

  The Together We Can Foundation partnered again with the Tailgaters For the Hungry & Homeless to collect food, clothing, monetary donations, and toiletries to donate to the less fortunate in Downtown Atlanta for the upcoming winter season. 
     TWC collected hundreds of donations through SKA Academy to give to the homeless. Thanks to the help of multiple families throughout the Metro Atlanta community, we were able to give pillows, clothes, toiletries, and food and drinks to the less fortunate! We were even able to provide hot meals of fried chicken! On October 30, 2016, TWC and the Tailgaters For The Hungry & Homeless passed out necessities to the homeless. Through these donations, we have brought a lot of smiles throughout the community. 

2015 Nepal Earthquake Relief Fundraiser - Help out those in need!

by TWC Admin on 04/29/15

TWC will be collecting donations for victims of the Nepal Earthquake throughout the month of May.

The earthquake, which occurred this past Sunday, was the country's worst earthquake in 80 years. More than 6,200 deaths have been confirmed with dozens more injured. About 90% of the homes in the villages of Laprak and Barpak were completely destroyed, including centuries old temples, towers, and historic landmarks. This is a devastating earthquake for Nepal, an already poor country best known for having the tallest mountain in the world - Mt. Everest.

SKA Academy has once again partnered with TWC Foundation non profit to collect donations to help out this devastating disaster. TWC will be collecting donations until May 20th, which will be used to purchase medical supplies through The International Medical Corporation for those injured in the earthquake. The minimum donation amount is $10.00. In addition, every donation will be matched with Facebook. Donate $10, and Facebook will donate $10. Each and everyone of us can help aid and relieve the areas hit by the earthquake. To donate, stop by the front desk and sign in your donation in the SKA binder. Those who donate will receive a medal at the 2015 annual SKA Awards Ceremony.

To find out more about the International Medical Corporation, visit: https://internationalmedicalcorps.org/

To find out more about for the Facebook match, Matching Every Dollar Donated To Nepal Earthquake Relief Through Its Site, visit:

2015 Safehouse Donations - A Success!

by TWC Admin on 04/29/15

Our Food Donation Fundraiser was successful! We were able to provide hundreds of food items this holiday season through SafeHouse. Through our partnership with SKA, TWC collected donations and dropped them off just in time to provide needy families with food options for the holidays.

Great job everyone!

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