Making the World a Better Place. One Step at a Time.

Together, we can fight back against homelessness, pollution, animal abuse, hunger, and more.


At the TWC Foundation, our mission is simple: to uplift and inspire our community, one act of kindness at a time. The TWC Foundation, at its core, consists of a dedicated and passionate team of students, parents, staff, and volunteers who go above and beyond to create change and save lives. From running animal shelter donation drives to teaching children living in remote areas in Nepal, the TWC Foundation is constantly thinking of ways to give back to the community and the world, and to encourage others to do the same. No matter what project we decide to embark on, whether that be helping the homeless or pitching in to clean up our environment, our core values—kindness, compassion, and teamwork—are always centered around the people we meet, the feats we accomplish, and, above all, the lives we humbly serve.


The TWC Foundation is devoted to spreading care and empathy through ambitious charity programs/projects that can mobilize dozens of volunteers at a time. We at TWC hope to widen our impact in both size and scope so that we can intensify our existing charity efforts and support new ones. Most importantly, our main vision for the future is to continue shaping lives for the better, to expand our youth volunteer base so that they can become strong leaders and inspire others to put their best foot forward, and to encourage our wider community, including parents and other enthusiastic citizens, to recognize the significance of and participate in our work.

The Together We Can Foundation is a booster organization of SKA Academy of Art and Design. Our address is 

2645 North Berkeley Lake Road, Suite F142, Duluth, Georgia 30096

Our organization is located in the same building as SKA Academy, within the Duluth International Village.

Tel: 470.545.3202       |       email:

All donations to TWC Foundation, a 501(c) (3) charitable organization, are tax-deductible. Tax ID is 47-1323363