Project Managers

Meet Priscilla Lin:

Priscilla is currently the Project Manager of the One More Kit, One Less Hungry Child Program at the TWC Foundation. Priscilla is in her four year of college at Emory University and does research in oncology at both the Emory Winship Cancer Institute and the Emory School of Medicine. 

Meet Vanessa Ching:

Vanessa is currently the Project Manager of the Environmental Project and Water Crisis Program at TWC. She is currently a junior at Brookwood High School. She enjoys playing the guitar, creating art, and helping the community overall! She has been volunteering with the Together We Can Foundation for more than five years, starting in fourth grade. 

Meet Chris Han:

Chris is currently the Project Manager of the heART Program at the TWC Foundation. Since COVID-19 hit in Spring 2020, the heART Program has been focusing on supporting those impacted by the pandemic, including unemployed individuals, low-income families, food-insecure children, and others.


Seeing the effects of poverty on communities around him, Chris has been involved with other organizations such as the Atlanta Community Food Bank and Safehouse Outreach. His motivation to find a way to help these communities was only furthered by his trip to Nepal, where he worked to provide food supplies to rural villages, schools, and shelters.


Today, Chris leads the TWC’s Free Meal Kit Delivery Program, which actively donates free groceries to COVID-impacted families each month. To this day, around 500 families have benefited from the project, and the project is continuing to provide fresh food to those who cannot afford it throughout 2023. 

Meet Kelly Baker:

Kelly is currently the Project Manager of the Paws Crossed Initiative at TWC. Since Kelly was a young girl, she has always served her community in some capacity, growing to become a prominent young leader in our community. More specifically, she has written holiday cards for senior centers, helped keep roads trash free, volunteered at multiple food drives, inspired and teaches kids art, and has gone to urban areas in Georgia to help clothe and feed the homeless. 

Now, she serves as the project manager for the Paws Crossed Initiative. Ever since she was a little girl, she has always had a love for animals, especially for animals in shelters. Kelly has witnessed many unwanted pets in shelters, who oftentimes find themselves waiting their whole lives for that perfect family. Knowing this and seeing the pain that many animals go through, Kelly has volunteered at various events such as making hundreds of dog toys to go to shelters, giving an abundance of pet food donations, and to boost morale among these animals, as well as fundraise for these shelters. With the Paws Crossed Initiative, Kelly hopes to accomplish her goal of getting more and more people to adopt.

Meet  Bernice Liao:

Bernice is currently the Project Manager of the Farm to School Program at TWC. Bernice is currently the Project Manager of the Farm to School Program at TWC. Bernice is a junior from North Gwinnett High School. She is interested in creative activities such as writing fictional stories and drawing (both digital and traditional). She would like to be creative storytelling and visual arts Director one day. Bernice has recently found a passion for farming healthy crops for low-income families. She has been an active volunteer with the TWC Foundation for several years. She has already made many significant contributions! 

Meet Annie Peng:

Annie is currently the Project Manager of the "Poverty Youth Education & Training": Service Trip to Oversea Project at TWC. She has been greatly involved in community service both within school as well as with TWC. She has volunteered at numerous community events and worked to expand the appreciation of diversity at her school, and has also volunteered at food drives, participated in Adopt-a-Road cleaning events, and currently volunteers to teach children art. 

More recently, she has specifically been involved with serving her community in terms of education with providing students in underserved areas necessary school supplies. As the president of SKA's Senior Beta Club, she has organized various events that have both served the community and have fundraised money used to purchase school supplies in Malaysia. With this project, Annie hopes to continue to improve education standards not solely in her community, but in others as well.

Meet Amanda Than:

Amanda is currently the Project Manager of the Save Our Oceans Program at TWC, as well as TWC’s main overseas project coordinator. She graduated from the University of Malaysia, Sarawak in 2019 with a degree in International Economics. She has also previously worked for several nonprofits in Malaysia.